*Latest* Bank Of America Routing Number April 2020

You have a Checking account in the bank of America and you don’t know your routing number? Don’t worry we’re here to help.

Bank Of America Routing Number

Who is Bank Of America?

Founded by Amadeo Giannini about 111 years ago on October 17, 1904, Bank of America is a public sector bank. Competing with multinational banks like Chase Bank and Wells Frago Bank of America is one of the most trusted and successful Multinational banking and a financial shareholding company in the U.S

Standing as the second-largest bank holding company all over the United States by assets value and market capitalization in the U.S they offer the best of services and facilities to their customers.

Its headquarters located at Charlotte, North California having branches scattered throughout the country.

No wonder why this bank is so famous that it’s been even listed as the third-largest company in the world by Forbes in 2010.

Some of their customer inclined facilities to include working 5100 financial focuses and by and large 16300 ATMs, in addition, to call centers and furthermore internet banking office alongside versatile financial stages as well.

What bank of America Routing number is?

Routing Number Bank Of America

While trying to receive or send money through wire transfer it is very necessary to have a 9-digit code with you. This unique code is known as the Routing number which sometimes referred to as routing transit numbers, ABA routing numbers, or RTNs.

This set of 9digit number code could be found on the left bottom of your Cheque. It is this routing number that helps identify from which financial institution behind a transaction it was either drawn or printed.

Find Bank of America routing numbers for:

  • Bank of America checkings and savings account routing number
  • ACH payments routing number
  • Wire transfers routing number

What are routing numbers used for?

Routing numbers can be needed for various financial and domestic transactions. Basically, if you are doing below transactions, you need your routing number to be with you:

  • While making a wire transfer or Ach payment to someone in the US
  • While paying in a cheque or making automatic payment for bills
  • If you are making a  salary or pension deposited into your account

How to find a bank of America ABA Routing number?

If you are still confused and don’t know where to find the bank of America’s routing number? Worry not. Find a routing number can be the easiest job you can ever think. Stay with us.

There are various methods using which you can get you required routing number that too with the ease. These various methods include looking at the bottom of the cheque, from its state code or from their website.

And since each state has its own routing number it is very much important to know the correct routing number before you try to do a transaction.

Being one of the most important things while setting up an electronic payment or deposit we have decided to  explain everything step by steps below:

  1. By looking at the bottom of the cheque
  2. By looking at the website of Bank of America
  3. On our page
  4. Through Fedwire
  1. Looking at the bottom of the cheque:

No argument here. Checking the bank of America routing number by looking at the bottom of the cheque at the leftmost corner is the easiest method to find.

You have the cheque in your hand and the cheque has the routing number in it so, where’s the trouble note it down and do whatever you intended to use routing number for be it sending or receiving money.

While this is the easiest method to find the bank of America routing number people still find it difficult to make out the 9digit code among all the numbers printed on the bottom of the cheque.

It needed to be noted that other than the routing number bank of America also prints its Account Number, Cheque number and ACH Transit number as well.

From the above infographic, we see how a sample bank of America cheque looks like depicting its different elements separately.

First comes the Routing numbers, then comes Bank Account number and then the Check number all closely enclosed in between somewhat semicolon like signs. Above all lies the ACH transit numbers.

  1. Check the Bank of America’s Website for the routing number:

Another easy and possible method to check your routing number is by going through the bank of America website. They w Edit date and timeill let you access your possible routing number based on your current location, rather pin address.

What all you need to do is to visit their website from the given link here [link here] and on opening the page they will ask where your bank is located so that they can give you accurate rate and fee information for your location.

Upon entering a pin or choosing a state or location, information for that current location will be shown to you including all types of ABA routing numbers.

  1. On our page:

If even going through the long process of checking the routing number from their official website doesn’t doable for you, you are always welcomed to check your routing number from the table we made below.

We did the tough job of compiling all the data as per the State is given in the below table. All you need to do is search your State from the below table and note down its corresponding Routing number.

Below this post, I provide you a list of these Bank of America Routing Numbers. You can use these routing numbers for Checking Account.

Here is the state-wise bank of America Routing Number for Checking Account, Savings Account and Money Market Account:

StateBank Of America Routing Number
Bank of America Alabama051000017
Bank of America Alaska051000018
Bank of America Arizona122101706
Bank of America Arkansas082000073
Bank of America California121000358
Bank of America Colorado123103716
Bank of America Connecticut011900254
Bank of America Delaware031202084
Bank of America District of Columbia054001204
Bank of America Florida, East063100277/ 063000047
Bank of America Florida, West063100277
Bank of America Georgia061000052
Bank of America Hawaii051000017
Bank of America Idaho123103716
Bank of America Illinois, South081904808
Bank of America Illinois, North071000505
Bank of America Illinois, Chicago Metro081904808/ 0071103619
Bank of America Indiana071214579
Bank of America Iowa073000176
Bank of America Kansas101100045
Bank of America Kentucky051000017
Bank of America Louisiana051000017
Bank of America Maine011200365
Bank of America Maryland052001633
Bank of America Massachusetts011000138
Bank of America Michigan072000805
Bank of America Minnesota071214579
Bank of America Mississippi051000017
Bank of America Missouri, East081000032/ 101000035
Bank of America Missouri, West081000033
Bank of America Montana051000017
Bank of America Nebraska051000017
Bank of America Nevada122400724
Bank of America New Hampshire011400495
Bank of America New Jersey021200339
Bank of America New Mexico107000327
Bank of America New York021000322
Bank of America North Carolina053000196
Bank of America North Dakota051000017
Bank of America Ohio051000017
Bank of America Oklahoma103000017
Bank of America Oregon323070380
Bank of America Pennsylvania031202084
Bank of America Rhode Island011500010
Bank of America South Carolina053904483
Bank of America South Dakota051000017
Bank of America Tennessee064000020
Bank of America Texas, North111000025
Bank of America Texas, South111000025/ 113000023
Bank of America Utah051000017
Bank of America Vermont051000017
Bank of America Virginia051000017
Bank of America Washington125000024
Bank of America West Virginia051000017
Bank of America Wisconsin051000017
Bank of America Wyoming051000017
  1. Through Fedwire:

Although there are so many methods to cross-check your routing number, one more method won’t make any bad. You can always look up your routing number on the official website of the Federal Reserve.

Bank of America routing number for ACH transfers:

While making a domestic ACH transfer from one bank account to another you need to put down your ACH routing number. Same as ABA routing number ACH routing number to differs state from state. so you again need to know where to find it.

Actually, the same above table can be used to find the ACH routing number or just read it from the check above ABA routing number, account number and cheque number.

Bank of America routing number for wire transfers:

For sending a domestic wire transfer, you’ll need a routing number for that also. Thankfully which can also be found from the below table provided bt us. And If you’re sending an international wire transfer, make sure to have a Swift code too.


bank of America no doubt can be very essential in use otherwise without it you do not seem to either receive or transfer money. However, there can definitely be ways to store down your routing number at once and for all. It’s the important thing that you require every time you decide to send or receive money.

You can note it down on any page, diary or even use an app that helps manage banking details and other detail safe for use.

With this, we fare you to the end of this article. Your single share encourages us to provide some more articles like this. While it can help your fellow mate who too is having trouble finding their bank of America routing number.

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